Pinnacle  - Evergreen's Elite Gymnastics Center

Laura Grissom, Co-Owner of Pinnacle Academy and Owner of Spark Fitness welcomes you to experience Evergreen's Elite Group Fitness & Personal Training studio.

Drop in for a class:  $20/class 
4 Class Pass:  $75 (Valid for 30 days)
8 Class Pass:  $120 (Valid for 30 days)
Unlimited Classes for a Month: $150

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Class Descriptions

KettleworX is a fast, fun and effective workout using innovative 3-Dimensional training. We focus on cardio, core and resistance workouts utilizing the kettlebell to get your body moving in all directions on 3 planes for a more effective whole body workout.KettleworX Training Benefits: Improve your cardio fitness, burn 20 calories a minute, improve coordination and balance, improves bone density, improve muscular strength, endurance and core stability/posture.

Try P90X in a fun, group exercise atmosphere! Your certified instructor will lead you through a different P90X workout each class.  Your P90X Certified Instructor will challenge your body with new moves and routines so your results never plateau, and you get in better shape in less time.

Our certified INSANITY® workout might just be the hardest fitness program you've ever experienced. You personal trainer will push you past your limits with plyometric drills on top of nonstop intervals of strength, power, resistance, and ab and core training moves. No equipment or weights needed. Just the will to get the hardest body you’ve ever had.

Gabby Reece creator of HIGHX powered by LifeLine, is proud to unveil the latest workout to hit the fitness world. HIGHX is a high intensity explosive training and conditioning program designed to maximize the body’s ability to burn fat, build muscle, optimize the body’s hormone and physiological response to exercise while improving overall daily and athletic performance. HIGHX is a functional, systematic training format structured into multiple circuits to engage, coach, and retain participants and members.

Athletic Step
Use the step as a “training tool” instead of worrying about complex choreography! This step class focuses more on simplifying the movements to enhance the athletic training component. You will sweat, yet not feel confused with intricate routines! Step it up!

A non-stop, cardio fusion of standing Pilates, boxing and dance that will push you past your limits. Piloxing is a high-energy interval workout that uniquely blends the power, speed and agility of boxing with the targeted sculpting and flexibility of Pilates.

Ditch the workout and join the original dance-fitness party! With Zumba fitness classes, you can just lose yourself in the music and find yourself in shape. Zumba dance workout classes feature exotic rhythms and high-energy Latin and international beats. Before you know it, you’ll be getting fit and your energy levels will be soaring.

PILOXING Barre is a comprehensive well-rounded workout that is low impact, yet intensity building. This program creates full body awareness utilizing a Ballet Barre for the entire class- both standing and grounded.
Most Barre programs offer similar benefits and movement styles because they are steeped in traditional ballet. However, the PILOXING Barre method integrates boxing with ballet-inspired Pilates moves while wearing weighted PILOXING gloves, which will up the ante and increase calorie burn, toning benefits, and workout intensity.

Mud Runs are all the rage these days.  Join us in Spartan WOD to prepare for a race or just to experience a killer workout!  
The Spartan Workout of the Day (WOD) provides a road map to physical health and happiness. Our daily WOD not only helps you prepare for Spartan glory but also gets you off the couch and on the road to a happier, healthier you.

There is no fluff in this class. It's resistance training using dumbbells, barbells and body weight to create a chiseled physique. There just might be some cardio and plyometrics thrown in to see what you're made of.

Core Barre
Hit the barre for our signature full body workout designed to give you chiseled abs, toned legs, cut arms, and a high, lifted butt. This ballet inspired, core-centric class focuses on isolated exercises, alignment, flexibility and posture as you work through targeted mindful muscle movements. Find mental and physical balance — as every hard worked muscled is followed by a deep, relaxing stretch. Suitable for all fitness levels.
Class will consist of 30 mins of Barre exercises followed by 30 mins of mindful core and mat pilates exercises.

Fight Club
Fight Club is a complete workout experience, strengthening and toning while building endurance and functional fitness.  Limited class sizes ensure our trainer can offer one-on-one attention focusing on making sure your form is safe and correct.  In a complete cross-training regimen, you’ll be challenged to learn new skills and build strength in every muscle group.  This is the only boxing and mixed-martial-arts class around that teaches participants proper punching and kicking form and technique while taking your fitness to new found heights.  Once you've tasted the self-confidence that comes out of the most exhilarating hour you've spent in the gym, we know you'll be back for more!

Adult Agility  (restarts Fall 2017)
Our Agility training sessions are for anyone over the age of 15, including adults. The sessions aim to increase the body’s flexibility and balance by incorporating movements from disciplines such as Trampoline, Parkour and gymnastics while completing a great functional workout.

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