Pinnacle  - Evergreen's Elite Gymnastics Center
Pinnacle Martial Arts Club

PMAC offers practical, safe and fun martial arts training, in a recreational setting, for youth, teens and adults .

Students explore different movement, application concepts and training methods from a variety of martial art styles. 

Aspects of striking, grappling and ground fighting along with appropriate use and application will be covered through use of various training apparatus such as heavy bags, focus mits and crash mats.

Unbiased to experience level, style or participation in a current or previous program, "The Club" delivers a non-traditional martial art training approach delivering great benefits of physical, mental and emotional health.

Using "No Way as the Way" PMAC seeks to bring together "artists" from many walks of life to create strong comrad community through exploration, practice and self refinement that has been at the root of martial arts for ages.

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