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Parkour, Freerunning and Twists and Flips classes are a GREAT way for skiers, snowboarders and all extreme sport enthusiasts to try their tricks before hitting the slopes and trails!

Parkour can be thought of as being chased by someone. You want to get away as fast as possible, right? But lets say you begin running into rails or walls or other obstacles as such. If you go around them you're only wasting time and energy.   The trick of parkour is to use as little wasted movement while going past an obstacle. This is why most consider tricking and flips "not parkour" as they simply aren't necessary and will most likely slow you down in someway.   To parkour is to be able to control your body and mind into one being, so that you can find a path quickly, and move your body in a way that the path can be followed into the next path you're given. If you're running towards and obstacle and start to slow down in order to maneuver around it, most likely you need to practice more.

Freerunning treats the urban landscape as an adult playground. It treats man-made structures as an obstacle course that participants negotiate by daring feats of graceful gymnastics.   It is similar to parkour but has more flipsspins and more showing off than just getting to another place without wasting time or energy.   Freerunning, is best described as a form of "urban acrobatics" in which participants (free runners) use the city and rural landscape to perform acrobatic movements in order to get from point A to point B. It borrows efficient movements from parkouradds other acrobatics such as tricking and street stunts, creating an athletic and aesthetically pleasing/ (showoff) way of moving. It is commonly practiced at gymnasiums and in urban areas that are cluttered with buildings and obstacles. 

What To Wear:   T-shirts, shorts or sweat pants, athletic shoes and socks.

Flips & Twists, Parkour & Freerunning CLASSES

Twists & Flips Level 1 Boys & Girls
ages 5-17
This class will focus on forming a solid foundation of inversion (flipping).  Students will learn cartwheels, round-offs, handsprings, front flips, back flips and side flips.
This is a pre-requisite for Freerunning 1.

Parkour Level 1 Boys & Girls (formerly Beginner and Beginner/Intermediate Parkour)
ages 5-17
This level will have a strong emphasis on safe, slow progression of technical jumping, climbing and vaulting moves.  Students will focus on fun challenges and games to improve coordination while building strength in a fun, engaging manner.

Parkour Level 2 Boys & Girls (formerly Intermediate and Advanced Parkour)
ages 5-17
Pre-requisite:  Parkour 1
More difficult jumping, climbing and vaulting moves are combined and students are challenged to use their full movement potential.  Students begin adding personal style to their moves.  Instructors will begin teaching students to use hard/solid obstacles for complex jumping climbing and vaulting. 
This is a pre-requisite for Freerunning 1.
Freerunning Level 1 Boys & Girls
ages 8-17
Pre-requisites:  Twists & Flips 1 & Parkour 1
New high energy flips and movements will be learned.  Mastering the ability to land and combine flips, handsprings and freestyle skills seamlessly with one another will be the basis for testing out of this class.

Freerunning Level  2 Boys & Girls
ages 8-17
Pre-requisite:  Freerunning 1
This level will combine elements of twisting and high level flips with added emphasis on flow and creativity.  This class will ensure the student is confident in performing skills outdoors and that the student is potentially competition ready!

Parkour and Freerunning levels and descriptions document:

Ninja Warrior Open Gym
Saturdays 2:00-4:00 pm
Ages 6-16
Learn and practice your Ninja Warrior skills.   The NEW Ninja Warrior Training Structure is here!   Ninja Warrior and obstacle course activities are determined by the coaches.  Participants have a chance to have some fun and get extra practice time in certain areas of the gym.   Learn and improve on skills, then perfect them and go for speed!   This Open Gym is for focused athletes who can stay on task and follow the safety protocols set by the coaches

***IMPORTANT:  All minors (17 and under) must have an  online waiver completed by parent or legal guardian before using the facility.  Photo ID of parent/guardian may be required at time of entry.

$15 for currently enrolled pinnacle athletes
$20 for all others
Bring a sibling and get $2 off!
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