Pinnacle  - Evergreen's Elite Gymnastics Center
Pinnacle Gymnastics Policies      

  • Due Date: Last day of each month for the upcoming month
  • Registration Fee:  An annual non-refundable registration fee of $30 per student will be automatically charged at the time of enrollment. 
  • Tuition is always due no later than the last day of each month to secure your student’s spot in class for the following month.  You will receive a monthly invoice for regular monthly tuition.
  • Late Fees:  A late fee of $20 will be automatically charged for all payments not received by the 5th day of each month.   A student will be dropped from a class for non-payment on the 10th of the month.
  • Team Tuition:  An additional fee of 5% of the balance will be applied to balances unpaid for 14 days.  An additional 10% will be applied to balances unpaid for 30 days. 
  • Recurring Billing:  Credit Cards that are entered in the database under “recurring billing” will be charged on the last day of each month. You are required to keep a valid credit card on file at all times.  Credit cards must be current.
  • Past Due: Upon the 10th of the month if your account is unpaid your student will be withdrawn from their class. Your student will not be guaranteed their spot back in their class if they are withdrawn due to unpaid tuition, and could be placed on the waitlist.
  • Outstanding Tuition: If tuition is turned in late up to two (2) times, you will be required to turn on recurring billing to ensure timely payments to Pinnacle Academy for services redeemed.
  • Payment methods: We accept cash, check and credit card payments. Please note: all accounts are required to have a current credit card to be kept on file at all times.  Outstanding charges may be charged to the credit card on file.
    Credit Card: You can pay your fees due by credit card either in person or by logging into your account online via our database. If you choose “Recurring Billing” your card on file will be charged on the last day of each month. *Cash: If you are paying with cash, please put your cash in an envelope, provided by the Tuition Drop Box in the Pinnacle Academy lobby and write the following information on the envelope: Your full name, Your child’s full name and the day/time they attend class. Place your envelope in the tuition drop box, located at the front desk. * Check: If you are paying tuition by check please write your child’s first AND last name in the memo sections to ensure bookkeeping credits the proper account (this is especially important if the last name on the check does not match the last name of the child). 
  • Bounced Check Fee: There is a $35 bounced check fee plus any collection fees that may incur as result of the insufficient funds. If the balance is sent to collections, you will be responsible for both the outstanding balance as well as any fees charged by the collection agency. Total balances resulting in a bounced check are due within two weeks of notification of the NSF and participation will be suspended until the account is caught up. 
    Refunds: All refunds will incur a service fee. Credit card refunds will incur a $10 service fee, or you can request a check be mailed to the address on file for a $5 service fee. Please allow 7-10 business days for a refund request to be processed.
  • Missed Classes: Makeup Classes MUST be scheduled within four weeks of the missed class. If for any reason a makeup class must be rescheduled or canceled, we must be notified 24 hours before the scheduled makeup class. It will be counted towards your makeup class if you do not contact us within 24-48 hours. We do not permit make-up classes if you are not currently enrolled in a class. If you take time off you are not eligible to make-up classes missed prior to taking time off.
  • Dropping From Class: If your athlete will be dropping a class or program, all requests to drop from their class must be submitted in writing via email. If you drop a class mid-month, you will not receive class credits and/or a refund for remaining classes in the current month. If you submit your drop request mid-month, you may choose to complete the remaining classes in the current month. If your account is set on recurring billing, you must request to drop your ​ child's by the 25th of the current month to avoid your card being charged. You will be responsible for all refund fees ​ if you do not submit your request before the charge is processed. Please note, you will not be able to redeem any make-up classes after you have dropped your child’s class

New Students

  • Every new child is entitled to one free class with no obligation. Upon arriving at your child’s 1st class, a full completed registration form must be turned into the front desk before your child is able to participate in any classes. You must set up an account and email the gym manager before attending a trial class.
  • After your child’s trial class, if you wish to register your child for classes: 
    1. Contact us after your child’s trial class to confirm enrollment.
    2. Once we receive the required tuition and registration fee your child is enrolled in our program.

Auto Session Renewal

  • Because our classes run year round and to ensure spots for currently enrolled students, your child will be automatically renewed in their current class for the next month. 
  • Tuition payments will be due before the start of the new monthly session. 
  • Because we carry a wait-list we ask that you please notify us right away if you will not be returning the following month. *see above for instructions on how to drop from the program. 

Mid-Month Enrollment

We do allow mid-month enrollments assuming there is room in the class you are interested in. After receiving confirmation that we have space available in the class you wish to enroll in, you will receive a pro-rated amount for tuition. That amount is due before your child participates in his/her first class.

We neither pro rate tuition nor offer make ups for the classes missed over Holiday closures. Our programs do not charge extra for months that are 5 weeks long and if enrolled year round, the average number of days attended will average out to 4 weeks/month.​

Make-Up Classes  
Students may attend another same level class that isn’t full.  Ninja Warrior Open Gym is not a make-up option.  Please ask the gym manager about the best make-up option for your student.  
Observing Classes:  Parents are permitted to sit in the lobby and observe classes, but are asked to be respectful of the space and staff.  Please leave all coaching to the instructor during the assigned class time.  

We understand it is very exciting to see your child learn a new skill and you want to capture that moment, but please wait until after class to take pictures or praise them. This is due to our safety and security policy. There is absolutely NO flash photography, photography or video-taping allowed during class sessions. There are parents in our program who have specifically requested that their child not be captured in photos and/or videos. In addition, if you wish to take a photo and/or video-tape your child please speak with their specific coach and arrange a time, because many of our coaches have a second class and may need preparation time. This must be arranged in advance.  Furthermore, pictures and/or videos taken in the gym must be of your child ONLY and photos and/or videos containing other children cannot be posted on any social media network. 
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