Pinnacle  - Evergreen's Elite Gymnastics Center

Pinnacle is proud to be the training place of the nationally ranked Evergreen High School Poms!

Pinnacle POMS
Have a daughter that loves watching the dancers at Professional Football games and loves to cheer on the EHS Poms?  Get her into Beginner Poms!  

Junior Pom “A” & “B” – Introduces dancers to Poms dance technique.  Classes include a warm-up, stretches, jazz, kickline, turns, leaps, jumps and tumbling.  Junior Pom is a prerequisite for participation in Pinnacle Performance Poms. 
Junior Pom Jazz – Poms Jazz focuses on building strong technique, strength, and flexibility. The classes incorporate stretching, across the floor combinations, and jazz routines. The dancers will learn different turns, jumps, leaps, and extensions that are commonly found in Poms choreography. 
Junior Pom Hip Hop - This is a fun and up-beat class that integrates many different styles of hip-hop featured in Poms dances including pop and lock, street style, and tricks.
Junior Pom Turns & Leaps – 30 minutes will be spent on Turns and 30 minutes will be spent on leaps.  Dancers will do many exercises to build core strength and turning technique.  The jumps program focuses on building strength and power for jumps and leaps. The classes incorporate jumps and leaps in the center, across the floor, and in combinations.
Junior Pom Tumbling – This class teaches basic tumbling skills often seen in dance choreography.  The class will also focus on elongating and strengthening muscles to give dancers more power and strength when dancing.
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