Pinnacle  - Evergreen's Elite Gymnastics Center

Pinnacle is proud to be the training place of the nationally ranked Evergreen High School Poms

Pinnacle POMS
Have a daughter that loves watching the dancers at Professional Football games and loves to cheer on the EHS Poms?  Get her into Beginner Poms!  
Intermediate and Advanced Poms classes focus on preparing dancers for high school, college, or professional dance teams. The classes teach sharp, clean motions through across the floor and pom combinations. These classes also concentrate on the many “skills” that are required by dance teams such as jumps, leaps, and turns.

Junior Pom Dance
Ages 5 - 11

 Class curriculum will include a proper warm-up and stretches, jazz, kickline, turns, leaps, jumps, Pom technique and tumbling with concentration on complete and correct execution of motions. We will create fun, high energized Pom routines.

Advanced Pom Dance Turns and Leaps & Hip Hop Tricks
Ages 12 - 16
This class is for those working seriously towards trying out for a high school Poms team.  Dance experience or previous completion of Intermediate Pom is highly encouraged.  Mastery of skills required for a high school tryout will be covered.  An emphasis on flexibility and conditioning will be stressed.  This class DOES NOT replace dancers' current dance classes. 
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