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Aerial Fabrics

Circus Arts are all the rage!  Pinnacle is excited to offer our athletes the latest and greatest Aerial and Circus classes taught by thoroughly trained professional instructors.  Our goal is to combine fun, focus and fitness to provide our athletes with a session that leaves them feeling exhilarated!


Aerial Fabric (also called aerial tissue, tissu, aerial silks, etc) is a specialty fabric students use to climb, wrap, twist, bend, and drop in a variety of positions and movements. Fabrics can spin, swing, or remain static depending on how the student manipulates the silks.


This class is for the absolute beginner. Students will learn basic silks conditioning, how to climb and descend the silks safely, single foot locks with beginner poses. Students will also explore some aerial hammock drops and poses as well.

Prerequisite: None


This class will expand on technique, poses, and conditioning from the previous level. Emphasis will be given to ideal form, double foot locks, crossbacks, and hip keys. Basic choreography will also be taught to help students lean how to start linking different moves together.

Prerequisite: Aerial Fabric Level 1 and approval of instructor.


This class will expand on techniques learned in Level 2. Students will work on perfecting basic drops, inversions, and S-Wraps. Students at this level should be able to climb and descend with ease, and focus will be given to intermediate conditioning for fluidity in movement.

Prerequisite:  Aerial Fabric Level 2 and approval of instructor.

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