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Ninja Warrior

Does your child love the TV show and dream of being a Ninja? This is the class for them! Ninja Warrior classes will include training in the main gym (trampolines, foam pits, rope climbing etc), on the climbing wall and in the Ninja course! Timed obstacle course play and ninja training is growing in popularity among kids all around the world! More and more kids are discovering how much fun it is to be a ninja!  Pinnacle is proud to train your little ninjas!  

Little Ninjas, Ages 3.5-5

Designed for up and coming Ninja Warriors, this class will build the basic foundation of the sport, working on upper body strength, grip strength and agility - as well as age appropriate basic motor functions!

NINJA WARRIOR, Ages 6-9 & Ages 10-13

Junior Ninjas classes are so much fun, your child won't even realize they are getting great exercise while they are doing it!  It's such a great way to keep your kids excited about being active.  Our coaches put together fun new obstacle courses every week to keep it interesting for your kids.  They will focus on a few specific obstacles each class so that your child can really learn how to do the obstacles properly and get stronger every week.  


NINJA WARRIOR, Ages 14-17 

These classes are intense!  This will be the most fun you've ever had getting a "workout".  They will help you gain upper body strength, grip strength and agility and teach you how to do all of the obstacles in the gym.  These classes can help you train seriously for competitions or simply just a fun way to get in shape without the boring tedious exercises.  Don't be discouraged by your fitness level, we work with people of all skill and fitness levels to help you achieve your goals.  If you've got the drive and dedication to succeed, we can help you do it!

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