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FLIPS & TWISTS Level 1, Ages 5-8

This class will focus on forming a solid foundation of inversion (flipping).  Students will learn cartwheels, round-offs, handsprings, front flips, back flips and side flips.


FLIPS & TWISTS Level 1, Ages 9-14

This level will have a strong emphasis on safe, slow progression of technical jumping, climbing and vaulting moves.  Students will focus on fun challenges and games to improve coordination while building strength in a fun, engaging manner.


FLIPS & TWISTS  Level 2, Ages 14-17

Pre-requisite:  FLIPS & TWISTS Level 1

More difficult jumping, climbing and vaulting moves are combined and students are challenged to use their full movement potential.  Students begin adding personal style to their moves.  Instructors will begin teaching students to use hard/solid obstacles for complex jumping climbing and vaulting. 

This is a pre-requisite for Freerunning 1.


Flips & Twists is Pinnacle's version of parkour-gymnastics. It can be thought of as being chased and wanting to get away as fast as possible. But lets say you begin running into rails or walls or other obstacles as such. If you go around them you're only wasting time and energy.   The trick of par-gymnastics is to use as little wasted movement while going past an obstacle. 

What To Wear:   T-shirts, shorts or sweat pants, athletic shoes and socks.

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